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5 April 2023

20 recommended ways to improve your LMS

Jonny McAlister

Jonny McAlister

Head of Customer Experience

Top tips on how to improve your LMS for better and more effective learning experiences.

Sometimes even small changes can have a big impact on your learning management system.

With that in mind, we’re asking some of our online learning experts to share their top tips on how to improve your LMS. Each of our contributors has given five recommendations on an aspect of learning management systems in which they have specialist knowledge. You’ll find insights on LMS user experience, LMS security, LMS learning content and LMS admin.

The tips take the form of priority considerations for your LMS, things you can do today to improve your LMS, and easily achievable recommendations — whatever each contributor thinks are the key measures you can take to make your LMS better in their area of expertise.

Taken together, you get 20 ways to improve your LMS as suggested by people who are planning, overseeing and implementing improvements to learning platforms every day.

Let’s see what they suggest.

User experience

Improving user experience will have immediate benefits when it comes to attracting, engaging and retaining learners. UX consultant Chris Young shares tips to improve your LMS user experience. His advice includes useful UX maxims to use throughout your site, as well as practical steps you can take to improve the look and feel of your platform.


Simple changes to how your learning content is presented to learners can have a huge impact on performance (for your LMS and your learners). Implementation consultant Rebecca Henson looks at measures you can take to make your LMS content better. This includes key considerations around structure, design and format, as well as some pointers on making sure your LMS content truly meets your learners’ needs.


Senior solutions architect Kenny McCormack takes a look at the measures you can take to make your LMS more secure. LMS security is a key consideration for data protection, intellectual property protection, and mitigating the threat of ransomware and cyber attacks. He shares recommended policies, protocols and LMS settings you can put in place to bolster your LMS security. 


Administrators often spend more time using your LMS than anyone else, so the platform must support and enhance their work. Implementation consultant Lucy Chegwidden gives her take on the top ways of making life easier for admins. Her advice covers useful automations, ideas for streamlining common tasks and other ways of saving time and resources.

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