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What is Moodle Workplace?

Moodle Workplace is the perfect platform on which to induct, train and develop staff, hit your targets and increase compliance levels.

Build and customise reports to tighten your processes, track the progress being made by individuals and the organisation as a whole, and identify key gaps in knowledge or compliance.

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Our customers using Moodle Workplace

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Benefits of Moodle Workplace

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Incredible flexibility

Moodle Workplace is so feature-rich and versatile that you will have a learning platform that delivers exactly what you need.

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More efficient training

Goodbye, inefficient training days at HQ. Hello, cost-effective learning that can be completed on any device, anywhere.

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Valuable insights

Who are the top candidates for promotion? Which department is lagging behind in compliance? Which skills is your organisation lacking? Get this essential data to support key decisions.

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On brand

Get a learning platform that’s totally customised to your brand. We will match the look and feel of your website or intranet so your team immediately feels at home.

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Fully integrated

Hook your Moodle Workplace platform up with existing HR, finance and training systems for even more powerful insights and understanding.

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Automated workflows

Reduce admin and delays by automating training pathways, so your team are immediately enrolled in the next stage of their training and development.

See what our Moodle Workplace customers say

The collaboration with Synergy Learning was wonderful. The team was so professional and fully committed to the project. Any questions — and we had a lot — we just contacted them and we had an answer very quickly. They always supported us and helped us to make things happen that we couldn’t make happen by ourselves.

Dr Kathrin Weber

Education & Science Manager

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A bit more about Moodle Workplace

Sharing our wealth of real world expertise to support you on your journey for excellence in e-learning.

The Ultimate Guide to Moodle Workplace

A comprehensive rundown of everything you need to know about Moodle Workplace. You might be familiar with Moodle (especially if you’ve read The Ultimate Guide…
Jonny McAlister

Head of Customer Experience

Why partner with us?

  • Deep learning technology expertise — Bringing to your project all the experience and know-how we’ve accumulated since we started building online learning platforms in 2005.
  • Creators of exceptional learning experiences — Crafting intuitive, engaging and accessible learning platforms that inspire learners to fulfil their potential.
  • Empowering you through collaboration —  Building connections between our team and yours by always being ready to talk, to support and even to challenge.
  • Always innovating — Fusing open source technology, a flexible approach and the ingenuity of our experienced team to drive the growth you want for your L&D programme.
  • Delivering measurable results — Using our learning technology knowledge to achieve the outcomes you need in ways that wow you.
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Moodle LMS

Create courses, manage enrolment, track the performance of each learner and build learning communities — all within your own Moodle LMS platform, designed and developed by us to perfectly match your requirements.

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Totara Learn

Totara Learn’s powerful learning management system makes it simple to automate your training and compliance and extend the development of your employees. When you partner with us, we’ll ensure the platform is doing everything possible to get the results your organisation needs.

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Totara Engage

Totara Engage is an integrated learning experience platform (LXP) that harnesses the best of modern technology to transform learning from a standalone activity to something that’s absorbed in the course of your team’s day-to-day work.

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Totara Perform

Totara Perform is built on the principle that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to improving performances levels. It gives you all the tools you need to cultivate continuous improvement in a way that’s right for your organisation.

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