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What is Moodle LMS?

If you’re looking for a flexible platform, Moodle LMS is the perfect way to educate, monitor and support your learners.

Moodle LMS sets itself apart with its flexibility, affordability and open-source nature. This enables the deployment and tracking of various learning activities, as well as providing a suite of assessment and collaboration tools.

Create courses, manage enrolment, track the performance of each learner and build learning communities — all within your own, customised Moodle LMS platform, designed and supported by us to perfectly match your requirements.

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Our customers using Moodle LMS

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Moodle LMS Benefits

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Extraordinary versatility

Moodle LMS’ flexibility enables it to align with your brand guidelines, meet your learners’ needs and enhance your course content.

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Monitor learners more closely

Get insights into learners that are thriving, struggling, progressing well, or missing deadlines, so you can provide support to all of your users.

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Prevent fails

Moodle LMS’s powerful analytics will help you to identify which learners are at risk of failing the course. Make a timely intervention before it’s too late.

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Create a community

Support your learners by providing private or group messaging, team activities and other collaborative experiences within your Moodle platform.

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Incorporate other platforms

Integrate Moodle LMS with your other systems by connecting your platform to Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, and other internal systems.

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Any device, anywhere

Learners and admins can use your LMS on any device or take advantage of the native app, included as standard for all customers who also have managed hosting.

A bit more about Moodle LMS

Sharing our wealth of real world expertise to support you on your journey for excellence in e-learning.

The Ultimate Guide to Moodle LMS

A comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about Moodle LMS.
Jonny McAlister

Head of Customer Experience

See what our Moodle LMS customers say

We need a Moodle Partner that understands how we operate. Synergy Learning has always given us the feeling that anything is possible; that their development team will always find the best way to achieve what we need.

Stefan Münchow

Expert for Digital Learning

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Why partner with us?

  • Deep learning technology expertise — Bringing to your project all the experience and know-how we’ve accumulated since we started building online learning platforms in 2005. 
  • Creators of exceptional learning experiences — Crafting intuitive, engaging and accessible learning platforms that inspire learners to fulfil their potential. 
  • Empowering you through collaboration —  Building connections between our team and yours by always being ready to talk, to support and even to challenge.  
  • Always innovating — Fusing open source technology, a flexible approach and the ingenuity of our experienced team to drive the growth you want for your L&D programme. 
  • Delivering measurable results — Using our learning technology knowledge to achieve the outcomes you need in ways that wow you.
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