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16 February 2023

5 Recommended ways to boost LMS content

Rebecca Henson

Rebecca Henson

Implementation Consultant

Follow these top tips to instantly improve your LMS content.

Welcome to the next instalment of our series of blog posts in which we’re asking our in-house e-learning experts to give their recommendations on key ways in which you can improve your learning management system.

In this post, our implementation consultant, Rebecca Henson, is sharing her recommendations on how to get more from your learning content, including how to plan and present courses to get the best results for your organisation.

Here are Rebecca’s recommended LMS content improvements:

1. Plan the structure of your course

There are very good reasons why you involve an architect when building a home and don’t just let a builder get to work. It’s a similar situation when building a course for your LMS. You need to understand its structure and format before you start building it. Is it a single activity or will it have multiple topic sections? Which type of activities will it include? What resources have you collated? Are they images, videos, questions, or another format?

Sketch out the structure of your new course in the planning stage, so you can build something that’s tailored to that structure. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a course that’s structured like a house that had no architectural drawing.

2. Variety is the spice of life

Mix things up for your learners. Display learning materials in different formats to keep everything fresh. Using a combination of text, images, videos and interactive elements will keep your learners engaged.

And the secret ingredient? Make sure your learners know at the outset that they will be tested on what they’re learning. Learners are more likely to retain informative content if they know they are going to have to complete a quiz or assignment at the end. 

3. View your courses as a learner

Courses always look slightly different when you’re viewing them in course creator mode. Make sure you’re seeing everything through your learners’ eyes by switching to a learner role to view your courses. Make sure the learner experience is exactly as you thought it would be.

4. Backup and Restore great course design

If you’ve nailed a really great course design, reduce your long-term workload by saving the course as a template from which to build future courses. You can do this easily using the Backup and Restore functionality, so you can re-use the course design as many times as you need to.

5. Ask for feedback

The quickest way to better LMS content is to ask your learners what would make it better.

share their recommendations on how you can improve your learning management system. Ask for feedback at the end of your courses to find out how learners found the course and what you could do to make it better. Use a combination of ratings, multiple choice questions and free text fields to build strong feedback.

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