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9 August 2022

How Totara Engage workspaces are connecting teams

Kenny McCormack

Kenny McCormack

Senior Solutions Architect

Boost collaboration across your organisation by using Totara Engage workspaces.

For organisations with large, widespread or remote teams, there is often a considerable overlap of skills, professional interests, systems and processes among team members. That presents valuable opportunities for collaborating and sharing knowledge across the organisation.

But in our scenario or a large, widespread or remote workforce, these individuals might not even know that kindred spirits exist in distant departments, never mind consider collaborating with them.

Take Sam, for example. She’s Head of Biscuit Dunking in the Tea Break department of the European division of Breaks and Rest Time, a subsidiary of Working Day Multinational Inc. Sam might never have cause to know that someone performs exactly the same role as her in Breaks and Rest Time’s American division, nor that Working Day Multinational Inc also owns Biscuit Resilience Ltd, where a whole team of biscuit dunkers are employed.

But with Totara Engage, Working Day Multinational Inc could create a biscuit dunking workspace. This would serve as a collaboration space for biscuit dunkers across all of its divisions and subsidiaries. The biscuit dunkers could share tips on best practice, discuss new trends and technologies in biscuit dunking, and maybe even pool their resources to create efficiencies.

The result would be a faster spread of knowledge and informal learning throughout the organisation, with savings in time, money and resources at the same time.

What are Totara Engage workspaces?

You can think of Totara Engage workspaces as being like the office water cooler, except there are multiple water coolers and they’re each labelled with a very specific niche within your organisation.

Totara Engage workspaces are just a single feature within the Totara Engage learning experience platform (LXP), but it’s a feature that is being very well received by our customers.

Customers like UDG Healthcare, a global provider of clinical advisory, commercial, communication and packaging services to the healthcare industry. With 9,000 employees working in four divisions and several companies across 29 countries, UDG Healthcare has exactly the sort of large, dispersed workforce that we’ve been discussing.

It has created workspaces for particular systems, software and projects among other things. Two people in completely different divisions (and maybe even completely different roles) who happen to use the same piece of software can gather within the workspace for that software to ask questions and share resources.

That’s a nice thing to have in its own right for your team members. But when you consider every question and query raised in a workspace would otherwise probably be sent to an administrator or line manager and dealt with individually on an ad hoc basis, it also represents a big saving in administrative costs.

And when you consider that UDG Healthcare uses workspaces to educate, communicate and share best practice for group-wide systems, projects and initiatives, the savings are enormous.

How would you use Totara Engage workspaces?

It’s estimated that informal peer-to-peer interactions account for around 70% of all workplace learning. As organisations move towards remote or asynchronous working, many of those interactions are in danger of being lost.

Totara Engage workspaces not only help to replicate and recover that last office chatter, they also amplify it across different parts of your organisation that have never had that sort of informal communication in place.

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