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6 July 2020

Synergy Learning named as Moodle Premium Partner

Jonny McAlister

Jonny McAlister

Head of Sales & Marketing

We’ve been granted Moodle Premium Partner status in recognition of our Moodle know-how.

We’re delighted to let you know that we’ve been confirmed as a Moodle Premium Partner.

Having created engaging, intuitive and accessible learning experiences as a Moodle Certified Services Provider since 2005, we’re  now bringing the know-how we’ve built over the past 15 years to corporate clients signing up to the new Moodle Workplace platform.


Trusted Moodle partner

While its main LMS is open source, Moodle is limiting access to Moodle Workplace to only those organisations working with Premium Partners for the build and implementation of their LMS. We’re now on a very short list of partners from which those signing up to Moodle Workplace can choose.

After being named Moodle’s EMEA Partner of the Year in 2019, the fact that we’re among a handful of partners entrusted with rolling out Moodle Workplace is further recognition of our long-established support for and commitment to the platform, as well as our standing as a trusted Moodle partner.

With our office in Munich serving central Europe, we’re also the first Premium Partner delivering Moodle services in Germany.


Bespoke corporate LMS

When we started working with Moodle in 2005, it had only been around for three years. While it was initially targeted at (and remains hugely popular with) educational institutions, we saw great potential for the platform in the business world. 

As companies, non-profits and public sector organisations increasingly looked to e-learning for training and staff development, we began customising the Moodle LMS to create bespoke corporate learning platforms for clients such as United Nations, Goethe-Institut, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and University Hospitals Birmingham.



With Moodle Workplace, much of the functionality requested by businesses is now included as standard, with incredible flexibility to achieve the outcomes needed. We’ll deliver UX design that delivers seamless learning experiences for learners and deliver any bespoke functionality that’s needed. With the basics all taken care of, development budgets can be spent in a very targeted way.

We’ll also act as pathfinders. Moodle Workplace’s versatility means there are often multiple ways of achieving similar things. We’ll help clients choose the approach that will deliver the best results for them.


Interested in working with a Moodle Partner for Moodle Workplace?

If you’re interested in Moodle Workplace and would like to learn more about it, please request a callback using the form below.



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