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26 May 2022

How Totara TXP provides an all-in-one solution for HR teams

Jonny McAlister

Jonny McAlister

Head of Customer Experience

Discover the efficiencies of having Totara TXP manage and automate tasks for HR teams.

Any HR professional knows that there usually aren’t enough hours in the working day. While responsibilities vary between different organisations, many HR teams cover a wide range of duties (each of which could command full-time attention).

Recruitment, learning and development, team building, performance management and reviews, health and safety, disciplinary actions, conflict resolution, developing and maintaining a workplace culture, and a whole lot more.

In some workplaces these tasks may have a department or manager of their own, but more often than not it’s down to the HR team.

With so many duties and responsibilities vying for your attention, how can HR teams get through that workload and prioritise their many jobs? Well, one way is to use an all-in-one solution like Totara TXP, which gives HR professionals the tools they need to manage — and even automate — many of their broad range of tasks via a single platform.

Let’s look at some of the areas in which Totara TXP can help HR teams.

Managing users

With HR teams wearing many different hats, they often have to dip in and out of various systems to make the same changes to user data. With an all-in-one solution like Totara TXP, you can easily import data from your HR system and manage data across the full suite of Totara products. You can also integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot and other CRMs to make managing users far simpler and less time-consuming.


Managing learning and development

Totara Learn is a learning management system that sits at the heart of Totara TXP. It provides a platform through which HR teams can manage every aspect of learning and development in their organisation. This includes:

  • Automatically assigning learning.
  • Creating and managing a catalogue of courses covering all training, learning and development.
  • Managing seminars and other face-to-face learning activities.
  • Accessing powerful reports to track development and maintain compliance levels.
  • Delivering learning and assessments to learners anywhere in the world and on any device.

For HR teams with learning and development responsibilities, this level of automation and flexibility has obvious benefits.


Increasing performance levels

Another element of Totara TXP is the performance management platform Totara Perform. It’s a similar story of automating tasks to make life easier for HR teams. This includes:

  • Intuitive performance monitoring and graphical reporting makes it easy to see team members who are thriving and those who may need extra help.
  • Performance review workflow builder to make managing performance reviews easier and tailored to how your organisation works.
  • Peer-to-peer feedback platform for better insights.
  • Versatile goal-setting tools that adapt to various frameworks.
  • Automatically scheduled check-ins between team members and managers.

The upshot is a suite of tools that helps HR teams to drive continuous improvement in a way that is automated as far as possible.


Pinpoint and address skills gaps

Totara Perform’s reporting system makes it easy to spot skills gaps in the organisation. HR teams can use this valuable data to inform recruitment decisions or — Totara TXP being an all-in-solution — assign training in Totara Learn to get employees up to speed in the skills that are lacking.


Sharing workplace culture

Integrated learning experience platform (LXP) Totara Engage is the third of Totara TXP’s three pillars. It offers an array of tools to take day-to-day concerns about building or maintaining workplace culture off the HR team’s plate. These include:

  • Social learning via peer-to-peer interactions in Totara Engage’s collaboration workspaces.
  • User-generated learning playlists of videos, podcasts, articles and other learning content.
  • Gamification elements to encourage creation and completion of high-quality learning content.


AI learning recommendations

Totara Learn can automate learning pathways, but with Totara Engage’s AI learning recommendations also find and assign learning that is relevant to each learner’s interests, skills and role. Another time-consuming administrative task that can be completed without hands-on input from the HR team.


Managing recruitment

Using Totara Engage’s detailed analytics or — as our customers Kuehne + Nagel opted to do — a custom AI engine, you can use Totara TXP to streamline recruitment processes. Not only can you identify skills gaps, as we’ve already mentioned, but also identify internal candidates for specific roles based on their skills for efficient recruitment.


Targeted interventions

So far we’ve looked at the positive aspects of all the analytics available via Totara TXP. Turn that on its head and the same data will keep HR teams informed as to who is not completing training, who is not compliant with specific regulations, and who is not engaging in team discussions. This makes it easy to make meaningful interventions when they are needed.


Does your HR team need an extra pair of hands?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, really. Totara TXP’s power can be harnessed to give HR teams the support they need in several other areas. If you’ve got a specific idea or problem you want to run by us, just fill out the form below.



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