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30 August 2022

How to use your LMS for onboarding new team members

Jonny McAlister

Head of Customer Experience

Help new starters to hit the ground running by using your LMS for onboarding.

While it may be more commonly associated with developing existing employees, you can also use your LMS for onboarding new team members.

An LMS is the perfect platform with which to introduce new people to your organisation and get them up to speed with everything they need to know about their new job. If you integrate your LMS and HR system, all of your new recruits can be automatically signed up and enrolled within your LMS very quickly and with no additional administrative work.

Once that happens, it’s easy to use your LMS to make onboarding a seamless experience and equip new employees with everything they need to get to grips with the organisation and their role within it.

Here are a few ideas of how to use your LMS for onboarding.

Early access to your organisation

Make Day 1 a bit less daunting by giving new starters a headstart via your LMS. Many organisations are giving new joiners access to their LMS before their start date. Giving newcomers early access to onboarding and familiarisation training means they know what to expect when they arrive on their first day.

Inducting new starters

Whatever your usual induction process for new employees, you can deliver the vast majority of it using your LMS — either before start dates or after someone reports for duty.

Delivering mandatory training

There will be some learning that all new starters need to complete upon joining. An LMS, such as Totara Learn, makes it easy to automatically assign mandatory training to new employees. They can complete the training during their first week or in their own time. Your LMS will track completions, issue certifications and help you to ensure that new starters are compliant with required training.

Delivering role-specific training

Your new starters may have to complete role-specific training to perform their duties, comply with industry regulation or meet health and safety considerations. This training can also be delivered and monitored using your LMS, so you, your new starters and their colleagues can have confidence in their competence to perform the role.

Integrating new starters

Your LMS can also be used to integrate new starters in a more social sense. Instant messaging, forums and tools such as Totara Engage’s workspaces make it easier for your recent hire to communicate with their colleagues (including those they might not otherwise meet) and assimilate into your organisation and its culture.

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