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16 May 2022

How Kuehne + Nagel uses its LMS and AI to find internal recruitment candidates

Kenny McCormack

Kenny McCormack

Senior Solutions Architect

Transport and logistics giant Kuehne + Nagel is using its Totara Learn LMS and AI to track quality recruitment candidates that will help it to promote from within.

With around 78,000 employees working across more than 1,300 offices worldwide, transportation company Kuehne + Nagel has plenty of talent already at its disposal when a vacancy arises.

Of course, not even the most diligent of HR professionals could be expected to monitor every individual in a workforce that size in order to keep them in consideration for different roles.

That’s where the Totara Learn LMS we built for Kuehne + Nagel steps in to pick up the slack.


Artificial intelligence to highlight career opportunities

The LMS we created is used by all of Kuehne + Nagel’s employees for mandatory training and additional learning that is relevant to their role. The nature of the organisation means there are a wide range of business units operating in different industries with a diverse range of training requirements.

Kuehne + Nagel has integrated Totara Learn with its careers website, where all job vacancies are advertised.

A piece of artificial intelligence (AI) developed in-house by Kuehne + Nagel tracks all course competitions on Totara Learn. In other words, it learns which training each employee has completed to build a picture of their skills, areas of expertise and professional interests.

Based on that information, the LMS and AI pulls up suitable vacancies within the organisation that are relevant to the employee using the website. It also suggests career paths for the employee based on their skills and training to date, which helps the candidate to build a picture of their progression through the company and also identifies any skills gaps, so that they can focus future learning to plugging those gaps. This process has clear advantages in encouraging staff retention and demonstrating a long-term future within Kuehne + Nagel to every employee.


Promoting the right people

The same data can be used by Kuehne + Nagel to help its recruitment teams to quickly earmark potential internal candidates for posts. Instant access to every employee in the organisation with the requisite skills or regulatory training for the role offer considerable efficiency savings for the recruitment process, as well as for ensuring the best candidates are under consideration for each position.

With millions of course completions already logged on its LMS, in addition to all the benefits that learning brings to the organisation, Kuehne + Nagel is also building up a wealth of data that helps it to find the best talent within the organisation.


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