25 January 2021

Jonny McAlister

Head of Sales & Marketing

Discover some of the great new L&D features at your disposal when you upgrade to Totara 13.

After a 20-month gap since the release of Totara 12, Totara 13 has arrived with a host of new features – and even new platforms – that will help L&D professionals to get the very best out of their learners and maximise their engagement with the learning.

The considerable number of improvements and additions amount to some compelling reasons to upgrade to the latest version of Totara, as you’ll read below…


How will a Totara 13 upgrade benefit you?



Perhaps the biggest improvement when you upgrade to Totara 13 is that Totara Learn can now be combined with Totara Perform and Totara Engage to create a comprehensive talent experience platform (TXP) for your organisation.


Totara Engage

Totara Engage is an integrated learning experience platform that puts learning at the core of each learner’s regular workflow to increase their productivity, performance and morale. Learning is made more engaging, broken down into bitesize chunks and made less daunting to complete.


Totara Perform

Totara Perform is a performance management platform that helps to improve performance levels and encourage a culture of continuous improvement. With flexible performance management tools and intuitive performance monitoring, you’ll have even more tools to develop each of your team members into the best they can be.


Native mobile app

Something Totara Learn users have been asking for in recent years is now available to those with Totara 13. Your learners can now complete courses anywhere on any device using the new native Totara Mobile app.


Enhanced multi-tenancy

A Totara 13 upgrade makes it easier than ever to deliver the right learning to the right audience. You can easily create different versions of your LMS for different teams, departments, subsidiaries, partners and resellers. You can even have a version of the site to train your customers.


Improved seminar management

If you’re looking for more control and features for your seminars, a Totara 13 upgrade delivers on that front too. In Totara 13 you can track and monitor attendance at session level, so you get a clearer picture of engagement among your attendees. There’s also support for each session to have multiple rooms and multiple facilitators, so that your LMS aligns with how your events work. To top it off, there are improvements to the navigation so that seminar management is simple and more intuitive.


New graphical report generator

If you – or your bosses – love to see your learning data in visual form, you need to upgrade to Totara 13. When you do, you’ll be able to use the new graphical report generator, which pulls more than 70 report sources into a searchable, filterable and clean interface. A simple, tile-based dashboard gives a clear overview of all your reports.


Improved user experience

Totara 13 delivers a raft of improvements to user experience for your learners and admins. This includes improvements to site accessibility, more streamlined navigation (particularly when viewing learning plans or creating user accounts), and the option to set your course catalogue as the default homepage.


Time-saving integrations

Your Totara 13 upgrade will also make it easier than ever for your learners to access courses. With the new OAuth2 authentication, your users will experience seamless login from existing Google, Microsoft and Facebook apps. That means a better experience for them and less time wasted on forgotten passwords.


See Totara 13 in action

If those new platforms and features would be useful to you, why not try them out? We’d love to give you a demo before you commit to a Totara 13 upgrade, so you can see everything we’ve mentioned above in action. If you’d like a demo, just fill out the form below.

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Samsung Backstage, an LMS for retail staff

This year’s full platform refresh gives our users what they’ve been asking for and more: a significantly upgraded learning experience across web and app, bite-sized learning content that makes learning even more fun and engaging and a points system that rewards them for their investment in the platform. We’re really proud of this work, and we are excited to build on this year’s innovations going forward.

Mike Edwards

Retail & Contact Centre Director

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A finance LMS for money transfer giant Western Union.

Sometimes you expect to be able to work with a platform straight out-of-the-box, but there are always quirks when it comes to adapting to your systems. Synergy Learning were instrumental for us in providing the development and consultancy we needed.

Tomas Lionikas

Senior Manager for Global Agent Training

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NFRSLearn, an award-winning public sector LMS

We were impressed with the flexibility and the level of consultancy that Synergy Learning was able to provide. They were able to understand our requirements and create a user friendly learning portal for staff, and one that we can amend and be comfortable using without having to go back for minor changes.

Steve Wass

E-Learning Team

Save the Children's LMS, an example of an LMS for charities

Synergy Learning is always really responsive. The team is very approachable and communicative – they reach out to me a lot and stay in contact even when we don’t have ongoing work. Given a short deadline, they are always able to work to really tight timelines. They’re also very flexible when those timelines change.

Caroline Quane

Global Learning Technologies Manager

Healthcare LMS for NHS UHB

We would like to thank Synergy Learning for turning this project around so quickly. UHB is one of the largest teaching hospital trusts in England and we are at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19, along with our colleagues across the rest of the UK. We are very proud to be launching this platform in the West Midlands and hope it helps alleviate some of the worries I know many colleagues have.

Tracey Starkey-Moore

Deputy Director of Education

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