16 January 2024

What’s New in Totara 18?

Rebecca Henson

Rebecca Henson

Implementation Consultant

Discover some of the exciting new features we’re expecting to see in Totara 18.

With the Totara 18 release date now rapidly approaching, we’re turning our attention to the new features that you’ll be able to get your hands on in the latest version of Totara TXP.

Totara 18 is packed with improvements and enhancements to help you get more from your learning platform. Let’s take a look at some of the key new features in Totara 18.

H5P integration

Perhaps the top headline among all of the Totara 18 new features. You can add H5P activities to your courses. That means you’ll now be able to create and edit interactive presentations, videos, games and much more directly within Totara Learn. This will make it far easier for you to build compelling learning content and make your courses more engaging.

Schedule user deletion

Totara 18 makes it easier to comply with data protection laws by scheduling user deletion from your LMS. Once user accounts are suspended you can schedule them to be automatically deleted on a date that ensures you meet GDPR and other privacy laws. This means great control over data protection compliance with less time-consuming manual administration for you and your team.

Pathway course format

There’s a new, streamlined course format for courses with multiple activities. The Pathway course format shows the learner a single activity or resource at a time. A left-hand sidebar allows the learner to jump to other activities within the course and see an overview of their progress through the course.

SAML SSO authentication

We already add Single Sign-On (SSO) to Totara sites for many of our customers, but that process will no longer need a third-party plugin. SAML SSO authentications will be available as standard in Totara 18. That will make it easier for learners to access your LMS as well as improving security, eliminating the need for multiple usernames and passwords and cutting down the number of forgotten password requests.

Better system checking

It’s easy to check on the status and security of your LMS in Totara 18. Using API you can monitor and set alerts for your System Status report, Site Performance Overview report and Security Overview report. This makes it easier to keep track of your antivirus software, upgrade requirements, automated backups and security issues. 

Clone a program

You’re now able to duplicate the entire details, contents and notifications of a program to use as a template for new templates. This saves time when creating new courses, cuts out repetitive admin tasks and helps to increase consistency.

Improved content UI

The Content tab has been given a more modern look, which makes it easier to add and configure course sets. It’s also easier to visualise content within a program and to understand the relationship between course sets.

IntelliData learning analytics integration

Totara 18 integrates with learning analytics and reporting platform IntelliData. The powerful data visualisation tools within IntelliData help to use the data captured by Totara to make more informed decisions on your L&D activities.

Performance overview page

Totara Perform now includes a Performance overview page. This gives each user a summary of how they’re progressing through their goals, competencies and performance activities. Performance is showcased in at-a-glance doughnut graphs, as well as being categorised by progress status. The page can be viewed by managers as well as users.

Create personal goals

Users can set personal goals as performance activities in Totara Perform. These performance goals filter into the workflow alongside other performance activities.

Learn more about the Totara 18 new features

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