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21 September 2020

Using a Talent Experience Platform (TXP) to develop your employees

Jonny McAlister

Jonny McAlister

Head of Sales & Marketing

Has your organisation outgrown its learning management system (LMS)? Perhaps what you really need is a Talent Experience Platform (TXP).

We’ve created learning management systems for organisations of all sizes and we’ve seen the dramatic impact an LMS can have on the cost, efficiency and effectiveness of corporate training.

But as learning technologies continue to evolve, learners get increasingly savvy and learning and development professionals look for ways in which they can further improve learning, an LMS is no longer enough for some organisations.

Your organisation might be among them.

For all the benefits of an LMS, what it provides is exactly what the name suggests: a system through which to manage the learning you’re delivering. If you’re looking for a platform that offers a more comprehensive approach to developing your people, you probably need a Talent Experience Platform (TXP).


What is a Talent Experience Platform (TXP)?

A TXP is a platform that gives you a range of tools through which to improve your people, as well as streamlining your methods of doing so.

It incorporates an LMS – delivering learning to your staff is at the heart of ongoing professional development, after all – but enhances it with a suite of tools that introduce a greater focus on your people and their workflow to the learning experience.


Introducing the Totara Talent Experience Platform (TXP)


Totara Learn

If you’re familiar with learning management systems you’ll already know Totara Learn, so we’ll not go into too much detail here. In short, it offers compliance management, advanced reporting tools, organisation hierarchies, personalised learning pathways and offline or blended learning support. Learn more about Totara Learn.

Now onto the elements that set the Totara TXP apart from a regular LMS.

Totara Perform

If Totara Learn is a learning management system, Totara Perform is a performance management system. It gives you a range of tools that allow you to maintain intuitive monitoring of your team.

These tools include real-time data capture (including evidence capturing for offline activities), peer-to-peer feedback, versatile goal-setting frameworks, automated scheduling of check-ins between managers and team members and many more possibilities for creating a process of continuous improvement. Learn more about Totara Perform.

Totara Engage

Totara Engage is a learning experience platform (LXP) that seamlessly integrates learning experiences within your team’s daily routine. The days of training as a standalone activity are gone. Instead, bitesize chunks are formal and informal learning is placed within each employee’s regular workflow. As a result, training becomes less daunting, easier to complete and more efficient.

These learning tasks are generated by Totara Engage’s powerful recommendations engine based on each employee’s role, skills and interest. There’s also a gamification element to add a fun, competitive and morale-boosting element to learning.

Totara Engage’s learning playlists feature allows you and your employees to build and share collections of videos, podcasts, articles, blogs and other content that will grow and share relevant knowledge across your organisation. Learn more about Totara Engage.


How would a TXP develop your employees?

If you’d like a chat about how a TXP could bring out the best in your team, just fill out the form below and we’ll give you a call.



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