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13 September 2023

LMS project management: how we care for your LMS project from start to finish

Jonny McAlister

Jonny McAlister

Head of Customer Experience

The full lowdown on what to expect from us when it comes to LMS project management. Find out how we work with you and behind the scenes to keep your project running smoothly.

A key — but sometimes overlooked — aspect of launching a new LMS is project management. The reason it can be overlooked is that when everything goes as seamlessly as we like it to, project management might not feel like a separate function — it’s just the project naturally moving towards a successful conclusion.

But there’s a lot of hard work and planning that goes into making a project progress so smoothly. Here are some of the steps we take to achieve it.


Our LMS project management process actually starts long before there’s an LMS. In fact, it starts before there’s even a project. When you’re talking to your business development manager, they’re collating all the information that’s going to guide us when we’re planning the project. This culminates in the final scope of work that you’ll agree with your business development manager.

Starting project planning

As soon as we’ve got the green light to create your LMS, we start our project initiation phase. Our project management team will liaise with your business development manager to build their understanding of the scope of work. They’ll then work with our award-winning in-house development time to confirm timelines for build and delivery. This process includes a review to make sure we’ve got everything we need and there’s nothing missing that could hold up the project further down the line.

Bringing you into the loop

We’ll get your project up and running on our project management software and other tools, including Asana — our project management workspace — that will help you to check-in and engage with your project as it progresses.

Introducing your project manager

You’ll then be introduced to your project manager, who will be your point of contact until your LMS is completed. You’ll have a single person overseeing how the project progresses, liaising between all the people involved in the process and keeping you updated as we go along. Your project manager will be briefed by your existing point of contact so that they’re fully up to speed with everything.

Kick-off meeting

As everything ramps up, your project manager will be in touch to arrange a kick-off meeting. This will be an opportunity for you to refine the draft schedule for delivery of your LMS, agree on a frequency of ongoing communications that works for you and to clarify the scope of work before the project starts. You’ll also be able to share your preferred dates for any consultancy you’ve requested.

Setting key milestones

During the kick-off meeting, we’ll set out key milestones for your project. This will include a project start date (when a member of our team is due to start the first task towards creating your LMS) and the project due date (when all of our work is scheduled to be completed).

Delivering your project

Now we’re at the exciting stage of your LMS starting to come to life. Your project manager will monitor the different parts of your project to make sure everything is being completed on time and nothing has been overlooked. If they need to clarify or correct anything, they’ll step in on your behalf to keep everything running smoothly. They’ll also keep you updated regularly on the project progress and help you with any questions or clarifications.

Going live

Once your LMS is live, your project manager will be on hand to make sure everything’s working as expected. If you’ve had any custom developments, they’ll be under warranty and your project manager will help you to address anything that isn’t working as expected. You’ll then have an introduction call with your account manager, who will be your main point of contact post-completion of your project.

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