8 January 2024

New brand, same love for learning technology

Matthew O'Connor

Matthew O'Connor

Marketing and Communications Manager

Unveiling our new brand — see what’s changed and how it relates to the way we work.

We’re excited to share with you Synergy Learning’s updated brand. It’s a project that’s been almost 12 months in the making. 

We’ve taken the time to collate internal ideas and customer feedback to create a brand that says much more about who we are and the results we achieve for our customers. A brand for the future of online learning.

Why we’ve rebranded

The feedback from our team and our customers showed that our previous brand only told part of our story. We want a look and feel that fully encapsulates:

  • Our deep learning technology expertise
  • The way we understand our customers’ challenges to go beyond expectations
  • The platforms we create that connect people and improve performance
  • How we optimise learning experiences to ensure the best outcomes

In short, we needed a more powerful brand to showcase the impact we deliver for our customers. 

What’s changed?

There are several areas in which we’ve made improvements. Some of these will be immediately apparent, while others are more subtle changes. A few of the key aspects of our rebrand are:

New brand identity 

The most immediate evidence of our new brand is our new visual identity. We’ve got a new brand colour palette based around different shades of green and turquoise. You’ll see this at work throughout our website and other marketing materials, along with our two new typefaces — Heebo and a new bespoke typeface.

Our brandmark continues to depict you and us working together in the same direction, with the overlap between us signifying the journey we embark on together. We’ve introduced distinct gradients to better represent how our teams, ideas and goals blend together through the course of a project.

Refining our values

We worked to enhance our values to give a clearer snapshot of who we are as a company and what motivates us. This came from our team, led and informed by what they achieve together. Our new and improved values are:

synergy learning connect logo

We Connect

Connecting individual learners and entire organisations with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their goals.

synergy learning create logo

We Create

Creating learning platforms that are innovative and intuitive extensions of our customers’ needs.

synergy learning wow logo

We Wow

Going beyond expectations by delivering exceptional customer experiences and tangible results.

Explaining who we are

Combining all the feedback we collated, the new look and our refined values, we’ve also rebranded our core messaging about who we are and what we do. This messaging is apparent in how we talk about ourselves and how we communicate with you.

We believe in the power of learning to inspire progress; to transform lives and organisations. By connecting people to transformative learning experiences, we open up opportunities to drive measurable improvement. We’re powering people to power progress and we want this to shine through in our communication.

New brand, same love for technology

The next chapter of Synergy Learning is here; 1Team working together to connect, to create, to wow.



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