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1 March 2022

Moodle Academy launches to develop your Moodle skills

Jonny McAlister

Jonny McAlister

Head of Sales & Marketing

Learn how to be a better Moodle educator, administrator, designer or developer with the help of Moodle Academy and its free courses.

Develop and expand your Moodle skills — and your learning and development career — by signing up to the new Moodle Academy learning hub.

Whether you are an educator, administrator, designer or developer working with Moodle LMS, you’ll find webinars and complete courses to help you get more out of Moodle — and best of all they are all free.

The platform is designed to create a community of best practice, interaction and professional development for anyone using Moodle to deliver online learning. It is also the new home for several other Moodle educational resources, including Moodle forums, Moodle docs, MoodleNet and Learn Moodle, with its array of introductory video tutorials to a wide range of Moodle basics.


Moodle for beginners

A newly launched Introduction to Moodle course is the entry point for anybody who is completely new to the platform. It gives a short, high-level overview of Moodle that makes it the perfect starting point if you’re unfamiliar with Moodle. It is suitable for educators, administrators and developers. 


Moodle Academy Learning Pathways

The new Academy offers multiple learning pathways depending on how you use the platform: Moodle Educator, Moodle Administrator and Moodle Developer.


Moodle Educator

For educators, the Teach With Moodle pathway offers multiple tiers, so you can find the right route for your existing Moodle know-how: Learn Moodle Basics, Moodle Teaching Basics, Moodle Teaching Next Level and the Moodle Educator Certification program.


Moodle Administrator

Moodle administrators can take the beginner level Moodle Admin Basics or intermediate A Window Into Workplace to learn more about Moodle Workplace to increase their knowledge on managing their LMS.


Moodle Developer

For Moodle developers, Set up your Moodle Development Environment is the first course in a series of courses being developed as a step-by-step guide on how to start developing with Moodle. The series will eventually build into a full guide on how to create and extend the features of a simple Moodle plugin. If you want some additional learning, the Moodle Plugin Development Basics course gives an introduction to the concepts behind developing plugins for Moodle.

You can browse the current Moodle Academy courses in all of the learning pathways, with the offering expected to grow over the coming months.

And in true Moodle style, you will get badges and certificates to demonstrate your new knowledge and skills when you complete courses.


Try Moodle Academy

You can sign-up for courses and upcoming webinars (and catch-up on previous webinars you’ve missed) at



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