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Samsung Backstage retail LMS

3 April 2020


Creating personalised learning experiences and engaging content using Samsung Backstage, a retail LMS that helps retail staff in the UK build and retain their knowledge of Samsung products.

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Delivering a 40% reduction in new product training costs for Samsung

Samsung Electronics UK is a global market leader in the sales of cutting-edge phones, TVs, tablets, home appliances and other electronic products. Without stores of its own, Samsung relies upon staff at retailers across the country to represent its brand effectively and deliver key product information to consumers.

Its best-in-class retail e-learning platform Samsung Backstage educates retail staff. The more informed they are, the closer their affinity to the brand and the more likely they are to sell Samsung products.

Samsung and its partners Iris London worked with us to refresh Samsung Backstage in order to achieve increased engagement among retail staff.

Iris’ user research identified four key strategic objectives to achieve this:

  • A platform that was better integrated with retail workers’ lifestyles and environment to encourage frequent use.
  • Bitesize courses and intuitive structures to increase the breadth and retention of product knowledge.
  • Using non-financial rewards to incentivise use and brand loyalty.
  • Including measurable business KPIs to show the value of the platform.

Seamless learning across all devices

Working alongside Samsung and Iris, we used Totara Learn’s open source and modular platform to deliver a customised learning experience that prioritised the needs and expectations of retail staff, while also protecting Samsung’s premium brand aesthetic.

We integrated the learning platform with the improved Samsung Backstage website and native app to allow seamless transition across devices for retail staff who are short on time and might want to undertake e learning at work, at home or on-the-go. A customised theme design guides users on their learning journey and enhances the consistent experience across the website and app.

The platform serves as a central hub of information of all Samsung’s learning assets, including features, quizzes and tech specs. Bitesize courses on individual product features allow users to learn at their own pace, while intuitive navigation and information architecture make it easier to find relevant courses via multiple pathways.

We used Totara’s Event and Observer system to incorporate a gamification element to the platform. Learners earn points for completing different activities, which they can redeem against rewards that are relevant to the product about which they are learning. Leaderboards are used to encourage engagement.

Totara’s messaging system has improved and simplified communication between Samsung and retail staff, particularly allowing for regular contact with its ‘Elite’ brand advocates.

Reduced costs by up to 40% & increased sales by 64%

  1. The new Samsung Backstage retail LMS reduces online training costs by up to 40% for new product launches.
  2. During a three-month period, the platform attracted 18,000 active users from a database of 38,000 retail staff. This is an impressive ratio for voluntary training with an organisation that does not employ the learners.
  3. Retail stores that employ a Samsung Backstage Elite user sell 64% more premium devices than stores without a brand advocate.

“Now in its 10th year, Samsung Backstage has solidified itself as an integral channel for maintaining a strong relationship with UK retail staff. This year’s full platform refresh gives our users what they’ve been asking for and more: a significantly upgraded learning experience across web and app so users can log on whenever they want without missing a beat, bite-sized learning content that makes learning even more fun and engaging, and a points system that rewards them for their investment in the platform. We’re really proud of this work, and we are excited to build on this year’s innovations going forward.”

Mike Edwards | Retail and Contact Centre Director | Samsung UK



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