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4 June 2022

Synergy Learning wins Work Well Live Well award

Matthew O'Connor

Matthew O'Connor

Lead Marketing Manager

We’re thrilled to have been named workplace Health Champions by Northern Ireland Chest, Heart and Stroke.

We picked up the award in recognition of our participation in the charity’s Work Well Live Well programme.

Work Well Live Well provides personalised support to help organisations improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. NICHS offers free advice and support in areas such as workplace health training, mental health first aid, and health and wellbeing resources.

The scheme also offers training on how to introduce new health and wellbeing initiatives to workplaces, and support to sign up for and implement the Equality Commission’s Mental Health Charter.

After successfully completing the Work Well Live Well programme, we have now received a Health Champions award from NICHS.

Our Head of People, Performance & Culture, Tory Kerley, said: “Workplace wellbeing has always been very important to us. Our recent move to remote-first working has only increased our determination to do everything possible to support our team in prioritising their health and wellbeing, whether they are working remotely or from our Hub in Belfast.

“The help from Northern Ireland Chest, Heart and Stroke has been invaluable in giving us extra support and fresh ideas, and we’re delighted to be named as workplace Health Champions.”

The Work Well Live Well programme starts with a health and wellbeing survey of all employees and ends with a three-year workplace wellbeing action plan being developed and implemented.

We’ve been able to draw upon some of the things that work well for our client’s during our projects to drive our wellbeing initiatives. Using gamification elements that encourage engagement with e-learning were also key to our successful company-wide steps challenge.

We are firm believers in the power of e-learning technology to support workplace wellbeing. Here are some ideas on how to achieve that.



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